Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We Will Take What We Can Get

First the good news.  Mr. Sam will be receiving a 3.5% raise at work.  Now, the bad news, Mr. Sam won't be receiving a bonus this year (no one in his division is receiving one).

And finally, the unknown news, his division is in the process of being sold.  It is unknown as to how the sale will impact his long term employment.  At present, it looks like he will have secure employment at least through the third quarter of this year and possibly through year end.  After that, he will become an employee of the new company, there will be a transition period and he may or may not be retained long term.  We have known about the sale since January, but I'm just posting about it now.  So Mr. Sam has been working on his resume, doing some interviewing and taking the certification classes  that I posted about earlier this year.  Mr. Sam actually started working on his certifications prior to the announcement of this sale.

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