Thursday, December 8, 2011

Investment in Self

Mr. Sam has an MBA and works for a large corporation in logistics.   He works very hard and is trying to move the company forward from 1980s systems to modern, automated processes that are both more efficient and more accurate.  He is under utilized in his current position and also bored at times.  He is also a behind the scenes type of employee, so he thinks if it came time for cuts or layoffs he would be easily cut because no one really knows his worth. 

But, the job has lots of pros, he is working in his field in a professional job, he is paid reasonably well, he can work from home, if he works in the office his commute is 20 minutes, the benefits are great (we save quite a bit of money by both being insured under his medical insurance plan and this year he probably will get close to $6000 in 401k match), and he has a boss that is very hands off, etc. 

While he sits tight in this job with this company, he is thinking he ought to be obtaining more education.  As a result, he is thinking about taking a Six Sigma class.  First, he would like to be challenged since he is somewhat bored right now.  Second, he thinks the classes would be helpful for his career both at his current position (demonstrating his initiative to further his career and utilizing the techniques he will learn) and if he opts to look elsewhere.  The black belt certification and the green belt prerequisite will cost about $6000 and he will end up using two weeks of vacation.  There is a chance his company will reimburse part of the class costs (maybe like $2000). 

Anyone obtained a Six Sigma certification and if yes, was it worth it?

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