Sunday, March 25, 2012

Above and Beyond

Recently, I gave Nordstrom (and I really want to add an extra S on the end of its name) a hard time for stalking me  on the interwebs offering me products that are no longer available.  As an aside, they are still stalking me and still offering up that great tweed coat that isn't available.

As I mentioned in the stalking post, I recently purchased a number of items from Nordstom during their half yearly sale.  I normally have my online orders sent to my office, since  I know someone will always be available to sign for the package.  As such, I received two medium size boxes from Nordstrom this past week.  I promptly unpacked the boxes and repacked into one box for ease of transport.  When I got home, I was going through the packing invoice and the items received when I realized that three small fashion bracelets that I ordered for gifts were missing in action.

The next day I called Nordstrom and explained my problem to a very nice woman, not located on the other side of the world I might mention, and she asked whether I had checked the packing material, because they often tuck small items into the packing paper.  Uh oh, I thought, I promptly pulled all the packing material out and tossed it and since it was the next day the cleaning folks had already come and gone and emptied my office trash.  Being the honest person I am, I told the Nordstrom customer service rep exactly what I had done and further told her that I assumed I had tossed out the missing bracelets.  I wasn't too upset, these were fashion bracelets that had cost about $10 each that I had bought as gifts for my god-daughters and my niece, so if they were gone they were gone and I was out $30.

Well, imagine my surprise when Nancy told me they would send out three replacement bracelets and would send them second day so I'd have them sooner rather than later.  She told me it was always possible that they the bracelets, since they were small, had not made it into the box and since there was no way to check they would rather send me the replacements.

I say, such customer service is above and beyond and one of the reasons that Nordstrom is on my fave list.

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