Monday, March 12, 2012

Adventures at Costco

As part of our efforts to save more money in 2012, we have committed  to reducing our eating out and ordering in expenses.

Accordingly, I found myself at Costco this Saturday afternoon with Mr. Sam.  I really do not care to grocery shop and Costco on a Saturday, during season, was horrible.  The place was jam packed and, I swear, half the people in there were just hanging out eating samples.  The other half of the people were running into me with their carts.  Also, I didn't know where anything was so I found myself walking around in circles wondering why I agreed to go to Costco in the first place.

Not surprisingly, I have decided that Costco is not the place for me.  I assumed that I could buy the many Morning Star Farms products that I enjoy - wrong!  The only fake meat product that Costco seems to carry is Boca Burgers.  While I did pick up a box of the burgers, a gal can't live on fake burgers alone.  I also assumed I could stock up on Lean Cuisine products, which I eat for lunch, but again - wrong!  Costco only carried one flavor of Lean Cuisine and it was chicken which is not something I eat.  When it came to things that I do eat that Costco carries, cheese, yogurt, pasta, the portions were just too large and I had no idea if the prices were a deal or not.

Mr. Sam, on the other hand, happily bought chicken breasts, turkey burgers and turkey bacon.  We also loaded up on paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies and personal care items like soap and razors.  Additionally, we stopped by the liquor store section and got a bottle of rum and a bottle of vodka.  The Costco liquor store was my favorite part of this trip.

We spent more than $500 on our trip to Costco.  Yikes, how is this saving us money I ask.  But, Mr. Sam assures me that he is set for the next two months for food.  I, on the other hand, need to hit Publix this week.

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Anonymous said...

we go to Costco on Thursday evenings the last hour they are open, crowds are much lighter at our store then. We go every week and have bought all sorts of their products. Great value and return policy.