Friday, March 9, 2012

Additional 2012 Goals

We still need a new accountant, so that is a priority goal for 2012.  Additionally, I would like to get our debt load below $565,000.

As for non-financial goals, I would like to finish my office organizational goal (a carry over from 2011) and then maintain our paperwork habits.  I also would like to install plantation shutters in our front bedroom which faces east.  The front bedroom includes three large side by side windows (more like the photo on the right) and one additional large window on the south wall.  We have plantation shutters in one room in our home, the entry way, and my plan is to eventually install them in both downstairs bedrooms, the office and possibly the dining room.  The first room we did was expensive, so we are savings our pennies, see house account goal, and I hope that we will have enough saved to do room number two this year.

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