Friday, March 23, 2012

You Are Doing it Wrong - Nordstrom Spying Addition

I am a fan of the Nordstrom stores.  Good quality products, friendly and helpful service and an unbeatable return policy.   As a result, it is one of my go to stores both as a brick and mortar store and for online shopping.  I recently bought a bunch of stuff during their half yearly sale.

After my post on Dynamic Pricing, I've been paying attention to what advertisements follow me around on the web.  And Nordstrom has been stalking me left and right throwing up photos of products it thinks I might like.  And they are getting the photos right, but why would they offer me something I like that is out of stock?  They keep throwing up this photo of this very cute Nanette Lepore tweed jacket, but it is completely out of stock.  I really can't figure out the point of this type of stalking.

The same thing happens on Amazon, if I buy an iPhone charger to leave in my car, Amazon then offers me more iPhone auto chargers.  How many cars does Amazon think I own?

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