Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Not Lucky

I pay for one magazine subscription, for Real Simple, which corresponds to my efforts to clear clutter from life, appreciate the life I have, i.e. wear the clothes I own, decorate my home with items I already own, etc.  I buy Real Simple each year when my neighbor's kids run their magazine subscription fund raiser.

Recently, I started receiving Lucky Magazine. Lucky is basically a magazine for people who love to shop.  And while I love to shop and enjoy fashion, I don't love this magazine because it is filled with tempting items that I want to purchase. Basically it is a glorified catalog and I find it very tempting.  I am generally pretty good with recycling the catalogs the minute I go through the mail.  But last night, while I tossed the catalogs I found myself sitting down to flip through this "magazine" and also found myself thinking that I would like to purchase some of the items featured.

When I peruse a Vogue or something similar I never really get to the point of contemplating purchase as the items in Vogue are way out of my price range and frankly not practical for my life (way too runway).  But the items featured in Lucky are in my price range, fit my style and life and the mag gives the details on how to purchase (like a catalog).

After last night's tempting review, I have decided that I will recycle this magazine the second I receive same.  I didn't sign up for the magazine, I'm not obligated to read it and it would be better for my wallet if I avoided same.

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Frugal Coconut said...

Could you try calling the magazine's customer service department at their toll-free number and request to be removed from the mailing list?