Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Eating My Way Through Big Bucks

Mr. Sam and I eat opposite diets, I'm eat a vegetarian diet (with fish and seafood, but is low on actual vegetables) and Mr. Sam eats a more Atkins type diet based on animal proteins.  As a result, we don't often eat the same meal and in our household, at dinner time, its really every person for themselves.  A typical dinner at our house is as follows.  Mr. Sam will eat meat off the grill and I'll have a bowl of cold cereal.  We also don't normally eat at the same time as I normally arrive home after him and cooking after a long day of the office is not my activity of choice.

When it comes to breakfast, I'll have quick oatmeal at the office or a glass of juice at home.

My big meal is normally at lunch time.  But since I don't like to cook and I hate to grocery shop I noticed that the amount I spend on ordering in lunch became unsustainable last year.  Ordering or going out for lunch was costing me about $250 a month, or a quarter of my allowance monies.  As a result, I am determined to change my ways in 2012.  My plan going forward is to limit my eating out or ordering in to once a week.  For my career, its important that I go out for lunch with my co-workers and or other contacts in my field.  But, once a week should be enough.

The rest of the week my plan is to eat frozen dinner type meals, I'm a fan of Lean Cuisine and some of the steamer bags of mixed veggies and sauce.  I'd prefer to eat home made soups and deluxe sandwich creations, i.e. apple, brie and walnut on a fresh baguette, but I need to start small and not over-reach in my goal setting.  I'm almost positive that I can manage bringing a few frozen dinners to the office so I'm going to commit to that plan.  Perhaps, eventually I'll manage a home made meal for lunch.

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