Tuesday, June 28, 2016

You Really Never Know

So, I know a woman from high school (she was a year behind me) that I sometimes follow on Facebook.  We were not friends in high school, but I was sorta friends with her brother who was a year ahead of me.  I haven't seen her since high school, many years ago, since I moved away from where I grew up.  But, she is very active on social media and one of those people who is friends with everyone and hard to ignore.

She is attractive, tall, super athletic (she played sports in college), fit and thin, and glamorous.  She married an athlete as well, tall and handsome and super successful guy.  I mean really successful - works in media in California.  They have super attractive, sporty kids.  I mean really sporty, probably will play in college level type sporty.  Because he works in media, they attend fun events like award shows and movie openings.  She is always posting photos in their black tie outfits, posing with celebs and the like.

Bottom line, it was easy to be jealous of her.

Recently, I went to her Facebook page because she had posted a quote that I had read but wanted to reread and save for myself.  I couldn't find it though, and I was poking around trying to find it (as I'm persistent in that way).  In my poking around, all of sudden I realize her about section says she is divorced.  What ??!!?

When the heck did that happen....  I poke around some more, because obviously I'm entitled to know this woman's business (this woman that I haven't seen since high school, this woman who is not even a friend of mine) and see that she is no longer friends with her husband (now ex-husband) and his profile also says divorced.  I see that they haven't really been in photos together for a year or so.

I was really shocked because they seemed so perfect and seemed to be living the most perfect life.  But, you really don't ever know what is going on in people's life.

Social media makes it easy to compare our life to someone else's life, but social media, while a great way to keep up with family, doesn't give you the whole picture or the whole store.  This is true in a "keeping up with the Joneses" mentality as well.  People can project wealth and riches, but just because someone has a big house or a nice car that doesn't mean they are wealthy or financially savvy.


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