Friday, June 24, 2016

Chase Auto Wants to Be a Little B*tch

So, following up my post from the other day, I have been putting some extra funds towards paying down my nused car loan.  When I bought my nused car in December 2015 I went with a short loan, two years, with a low interest rate.  I also made sure there was no prepayment penalty because I knew that I might want to pay it off early.

Well, yesterday I realized that Chase Auto is not applying my payments towards principal and instead is moving my next payment date out farther in time.  I sent Chase Auto a message and they reallocated all my payments from January to June 2016 to match my preference.  Thanks, Chase.  But, they sent me the below snotty message.
Please note that any payment coming from a non-Chase bill 
payment service will be processed as a regular payment. If
you would like the excess payments to go towards the 
principal balance, we suggest you to enroll your automatic
payments via 
 I'll interpret for you, Chase Auto is saying we won't put excess payments toward principal unless you switch your payment account over to Chase Bank or unless you give us access to your accounts.

This type of crap annoys me to no end, why make things so difficult.  I've told you want my preference is, you've demonstrated I can get my way by sending you a message every month or every quarter, but you won't do it automatically.  My credit card is with Chase and I've previously had a savings account with them, although I closed it recently because they just took fees out of it and I had to email them every 6 months and tell them to put the fees back.

So, while I'm not a big Chase customer, I am a Chase customer.  However this type of game makes me LESS likely to do business with Chase not more likely to move my accounts to them.

And, no I'm not doing automatic payments, I only do automatic payments for my mortgage.  One bad experience with a gym membership years ago has taught me not to give anyone access to my account.  I


Anonymous said...

I learned that same lesson with a gym membership too! I do have some auto-payments, but I'm wary of any subscription that REQUIRES them.

Unknown said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment and teaching me from your wisdom and experience.

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