Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Unemployment Compensation - Follow Up # 2

Earlier I posted regarding Mr. Sam's Florida unemployment compensation adventures, and the fact that his application was denied because he received severance.  Well, now Florida has changed their minds and determined that he is entitled to benefits because he is not receiving ongoing severance.

As a result, yesterday he received a payment representing two weeks of benefits ($550).  Somehow I expect the State to change its mind and ask for the money back so we will be prepared to repay it.


Frugal Coconut said...

Did they reverse the original decision 100% on their own or did you appeal it somehow? I'm glad it ended up being in your favor but just hearing that frustrates me ... it's like completely entrusting your well being to a wishy-washy indolent fool.

Sam said...

FG - Mr. Sam told them he was going to appeal, but he had not started that process. I've reviewed the various statutes and, to me, it is not clear whether he is eligible or not. The language regarding severance pay speaks to a bar on receiving unemployment benefits and severance at the same time. Mr. Sam received X number of weeks in severance pay but he received same all at once, in a lump sum, and he is not receiving ongoing benefits.