Monday, March 25, 2013

Free Credit Report

Following up on my earlier post about free credit reports, I decided it was probably time for me to review my credit report.  My last review of my credit report was when we were refinancing our primary home last summer and at that time I purchased my report and score from

This time around I obtained my report from the official site where consumers can obtain a copy of their credit report from the big three agencies.  Most of the information appeared to be accurate and up to date, with the exception of my home address, which is reported with a variety of errors.  But, I was pleased to see that our home mortgage was accurately reflected as paid in full with Wells Fargo and our new refinances loan with CitiMortgage.

The most interesting part of the report, to me, were the credit inquiries.

American Express is, basically, in love with me in that they inquire as to my status every other month.  In 2012 they checked on me six times and I haven't had an account with them for more than 10 years.  Clearly, they want me back.

I also was intrigued by the number of credit inquires that occurred in the month following our mortgage refinance.  Clearly those who would offer us credit received some kind of notification that we had just taken on a new loan.

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