Monday, March 18, 2013

Bonus Plan

Mr. Sam recently received a small bonus at work.  Nothing huge, but every little bit counts.

First, the bonus was subject to his 401k withholdings, so a chunk has gone to the 401k, which left a couple thousand.

Second, since its Mr. Sam's bonus he wanted to take a chunk, a third to be specific, and put it in his everyday checking account.  His point is that he struggles with our allowance system (true) and he'd like to have a cushion.  I wasn't in favor of this plan because I believe that Mr. Sam will spend as much money as is available to him (hence the allowance system) and that this "cushion" won't last 90 days.  But, he convinced me to let him try* and I guess we'll see what happens.  We probably should have made a friendly wager.

Third, the rest of the money will be put towards our savings goals.

*In our house any expenditure over $300 has to be discussed and agreed and we counted this experiment as such.  I  don't want the impression to be that Mr. Sam's is "hen-pecked" as this rule works both ways.

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