Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm Stuck and I Need to Get Unstuck

Six weeks into the new year and I have not finished our annual spending plan for 2012 and we have not finalized our savings plan.

What the heck has happened to me?  I have gotten sucked into preparation land.  I had good intentions, I was going to really study and work our annual plan rather than just relying on our numbers from the prior year.  And, I started off right, I spent several hours working on our 2012 annual spending plan.  But then I got bogged down and stuck when I couldn't easily pull up the data I needed.

Am I using preparation to avoid getting started?  Possibly, my plan, in theory, was to commit to an extra high savings number this year.  If I never finish our spending plan I don't have to commit to keeping my spending under control, I don't have to commit to discipline, I don't have to commit to tough choices.

Today is February 12th, I am committing to having our annual spending plan done and our 2012 savings goals set up by February 19th.

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