Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My First 2012 New Year's Resolution

Stop trying to be so dang efficient by multi-tasking.  Said another way, focus on task at a time.

Today was the second time I've bungled an iPhone software update by trying to do it at work on my work PC.  Of course, we are about to go out of town, tomorrow, of course I needed the update, but why try to do so from work when I know I might have trouble completing the update because (1) I am on a PC and (2) I am on a work PC with certain security settings.  So here I am, now, without a phone trying to figure out how to restore it which means from home on my Mac or a trip to the AT&T store or both.  And I'm distracted by this problem, which I created myself, instead of getting my work done before I head out on my trip.

How did I end up in this situation?  Trying to get it done now, in the background, while working because that would save me time.  Thinking that the work PC related problems I had before would be different this time.  Why would they be different because I've figured out how to work around them in the past (of course never with an update has it worked).

I really am going to resolve to do one thing at a time in 2012.  Multi-tasking never seems to save me any time.

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