Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Diving into 2012

While we have not finished out our 2011 year end assessment and we have not completed our 2012 Annual Spending Plan or 2012 Savings Goals, we have already started to make progress tidying up our financial house.

We were having trouble with our DirecTv box, so we had to call in to request a replacement box.  While we had them on the phone we spoke to customer service and requested a reduction in our monthly bill.  I have done this before and I have always had success.  This time around the reduced our bill by $20 per month for one year which will save us $240 in 2012.  We also got ShowTime, a premium channel, free for three months.  We will have to call to cancel ShowTime or we will be billed, so I put it right into my iPhone calendar while we were on the phone with them so I won't forget.  That is an extra $240 we can put towards prepayment of our mortgage or add to savings or even spend it on something more exciting.

Getting your financial life in order doesn't always mean you have to cut out things you enjoy, like pay t.v., rather you can ask for a deal and chances are good you might get one because DirecTv will spend less on giving us a discount vs. trying to get another new customer.

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