Thursday, March 26, 2015

Amazon Mom?

After ordering a big box of Seventh Generation wipes and Diaper Genie refills from Amazon, up popped an offer to join the Amazon Mom program.

The Amazon Mom program is a spin off from the Amazon Prime program.  The basics of Amazon Prime are free two day shipping, access to films, t.v. shows, music and e-books as well.  The annual cost for Amazon Prime is $99.

Amazon Mom is part of your Prime membership so it costs $99 a year and includes the above Prime benefits.  In addition, it offers discounts on diapers, wipes and other baby related products.

Specifically you get:

5% off baby wipes. Get 15% off wipes when you subscribe to 5 or more items.
15% off Subscribe & Save:  Save items when you subscribe to 5 or more items.
20% off diapers (15% Amazon Mom discount + 5% Subscribe & Save discount).

Lets talk about subscriptions, that means that you sign up for automatic delivery of certain things, diapers, wipes, formula but also things like soap and toothpaste and non baby items too.  My research indicated that there are pros and cons to subscriptions for baby items including the fact that babies grow and change so you need to manage and update things like diaper sizes and formula preferences, etc.

Amazon Mom used to be a better deal, but I guess folks with fake babies triggered Amazon to close up the extra 5% discount loophole for Subscribe & Save.

I have friends and Mom friends who swear by Amazon Prime, it IS a lot easier to simply order what you need for baby rather than trying to run errands with a baby in tow.  But, Amazon doesn't offer these discount programs or free shipping and then lose money on it.  They know enough about consumer behavior and habits to know that many people will order more items (that cute outfit or toy) such that Amazon will make enough in profits if the shipping is free or if there is a discount.  Certainly there are people out there that are disciplined enough to only order the items they truly need and they make the program work for them.  I also think Amazon Prime probably makes great sense if you are located in a rural area or an expensive area such that you can't get discounted products in a quick and easy fashion close by.

So far, I've not signed up for Amazon Prime or the Amazon Mom program, I'm still thinking about whether it would work for us and whether or not I would truly come out ahead.  Back to my earlier Amazon order, I still obtained free shipping on all the items I ordered without paying for a Prime membership.  

What about you, do you have an Amazon Prime membership, what has been your experience with these discount programs?


Helen said...

I have a Prime membership. Is it a money saver? I have no idea. Is it a sanity saver? Definitely.

1) I can buy what I need when I remember I need it, i.e. 3am when I'm up with a sick kid.
2) I don't have to find time to go to a store.
3) I don't have to take a child into said store. You think it's hard for an adult to resist impulse purchases? Take a child. You will be AMAZED at how many toy-like items are within view at all times. While the objects for sale in a store may be cheaper, the mental energy expended to get through the experience is not.

When possible, shopping without a child clearly better. But I (and I'm sure many parents) have certainly found myself standing in the middle of Target, having totally forgotten what I am there to buy, even when solo... and ending up with cute paper plates in my cart "just in case I need them."

Sam said...

Agree Helen, I have trouble staying focused in Target, with or without Baby.

And sanity is certainly worth quite a bit, as is the time you save by ordering items with you Amazon Prime membership rather than shopping in person.

I still may sign up for Prime, but for now I am trying to see if I can order my baby items on without having to sign up and pay for Prime. The items I ordered last week, with free shipping, will arrive today.