Monday, June 30, 2014

Truck Update

Big news on the truck front, Mr. Sam is the proud owner of a new truck.  

As I shared recently, we were not finding very good prices on used trucks, they were running $12,000 or so for the type of truck we wanted but were 10 years old.  As such, after doing a lot of research, we opted for new (as Anon noted, the used car market is tough).

Anonymous said...
we had to replace our truck last year too. After looking for used ones in the 3 - 5 year range and finding not much of a price break off new ones, we went new. Its been awhile since we bought new but the cost justified it this time. I was going to pay cash, like you we hate car loans but the rate was so cheap and a $1000 rebate off the price for financing that we financed about 60% of the cost and paid it off over 6 months and came out way ahead with the rebate vs interest expense. I would have paid off the loan with the first payment but feared they would come back at us for the rebate amount. Our weekdays cars we bought in 2007, both luxury cars that are 2002 and 2004 models, bought as a package deal and plan to drive them for many more years.
We bought last year's truck (2013) and opted for a low end model.  We paid cash for about 40% of the purchase price and the rest was paid via a loan.   While I hate having debt of any kind, we will work hard to get it paid off quickly and, in the long run, I think it is a better decision.  We have a new truck that is under warranty, it has four doors which gives us greater flexibility (old truck only had two doors), and Mr. Sam is so happy to be out of his old, beat up truck.  

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Kourtney Heard said...

We've started contemplating about getting rid of our ten-year-old Chevy truck. So far it's been like a bar of gold, runs well; it gets us to where we need to go and the engine purrs like a kitten. Yet, in the long wrong, having a new truck with all the bells and whistles seems perfect as we get older.