Thursday, December 19, 2013

Stock Sale - Update

Back in October I posted about my hot stock dilemma and trying to figure out when and how to plan my stock sales (since I'm more of a buy and hold gal).  In particular I had a stock that was up 500% since I purchased it and I was trying to figure out if I should sell it or not.

I ended up selling the stock and making $4300 in profit (tax free since I hold my stock in my Roth IRA) but I did have regrets, what if the stock kept going up and up?  So I decided to calendar a two month follow up (which is today) to check and see the status of the stock I sold.  I sold the stock at $32, it has hit $34, but today it is at $28.

So, how do I feel.  I feel pleased, right now it looks like I made a good decision.  I sold close to the peak based on expert research telling me to sell and that research seems to have been correct.  We shall see, I will check again next year.

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