Thursday, October 10, 2013

Small Fries

Last weekend, Mr. Sam and I rented a two movies from Red Box and one of our selections didn't play.  This has happened to us before, I would guesstimate at 1 out of 20 movies.  I really like the Red Box system but I have never, until today, figured out how to get a movie credit or a refund.  And, something about not being able to get that $2 or $1 back really rubs me the wrong way.

I have the same aggravations with ATM fees and other small fees.  For a while, Home Depot kept charging us $2 on our 0% Home Depot credit card bill.  I would have to call each month and get them to refund the $2 charge which they could never explain.

So, anyways, the secret to getting a Red Box credit is as follows.
(1)  Google "red box how to get a refund";
(2) Click on the result that is labeled "what's the red box refund policy"
(3) Under the policy, click to talk to customer care and explain problem.

Red Box gave me two movie credits which I thought was reasonable for my request.  

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