Monday, October 14, 2013

Good News - Salary Adjustment

Last month I posted on the impact of The Great Recession on our career and salary . Overall, our salaries from our professional careers were down between 2008-2013.

 But, I am happy to report that I just received an upward salary adjustment, a 7% increase!, which means a couple of things.  First, this kind of increase outpaces inflation.  Second, this increase almost brings me back to my pay level in 2008.  Third, this increase almost makes up for Mr. Sam's pay cut that he took at his new job (post layoff).  Fourth, this big increase reflects on the kind of work I am doing, the level of complexity, the results I am attaining and the fact that my company is placing an increased value on me (it feels good).

I think, although I've not done the nitty gritty math, that our salaries are still down between 2008-2013, but now down just a bit.

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