Friday, May 3, 2013

ProFlower's Scummy Scam

At one point I used to regularly use ProFlowers as my go to company to send flowers across the miles.  It was so easy as I had all my information and my recipients' information stored.  I could just log in, click, click and click and flowers would arrive for birthdays, Mother's Day and other occasions.  But there was a reason I stopped using them and that reason reared its ugly head this past week.

I had a coupon code for ProFlowers and since Mother's Day and a birthday is coming up I figured sending flowers would be easy for both.  I logged in, picked my flowers, one arrangement was $25 and the other was $29 with my coupon code.  And then onto easy step two, picked my delivery day, clicked on my recipients (data already saved) and then went to check out.

Ugh!!  Now I remember why I stopped using ProFlowers, when I went to check out, up popped charge after charge.  Delivery charge, delivery day up charge, care and handling charge.  That discount coupon doesn't end up being much of a discount with all the charges at the end.  The total for the two arrangements was more than $120.  In the end I cancelled the order, just can't give my business to this company even if its super easy.

For one of the recipients, I have a local florist that I will order from (have used them before and they do a great job).  I'll figure out something for the other recipient.


Frugal Coconut said...

With certain companies where coupons are prolific, it seems like the coupons are just designed to get you over to their website where you already take the time to shop and select what you want (thinking that you're getting a good deal) and then by the time you click to check out, you're already so invested in the process that you'll just dismiss all of the extra fees that weren't initially disclosed.

Sam said...

Indeed FG, and I almost did complete the sale as the true price wasn't revealed until I had gotten to the end of the transaction. As you point out, I was fully invested in the transaction by then. I'm sure ProFlowers knows what they are doing.

colleen said...

I have the same problem with their sister site Shari's berries. I love to order chocolate covered strawberries as gifts for new moms but with all the add on charges it costs too much!

Sherie said...

I switched to and they have been awesome for my non-local flower giving needs. Funny aside: when I logged on to post this comment there was a huge banner ad at the bottom of your blog for Proflowers!