Monday, November 26, 2012

Executing on the Holiday Plan

Earlier, I posted about our holiday plan and budget and since its Cyber Monday it is time for me to start executing on our plan.

As I previously posted, for the past few years we've been sending out holiday wreathes to our adult family members (we don't exchange holiday gifts with the adults in our family).  The past few years the holiday wreath giving has also supported one of my favorite charities, but they have opted not to participate this year.    So, I was thinking of sending wine from a winery we visited this year.  But, that option ended up being too expensive and too complicated although I am going to order a 6 pack of wine to give as gifts locally (work and hostess gifts).

For the wreathes, I decided to go with L.L. Bean. First, L.L. Bean makes the wreathes right in Maine, so the company supports American workers.  Second, the wreathes ended up costing about the same amount, with free shipping today and 10% off today, as the charity wreathes.  Also, I will receive $40 in gift cards, $10 per $50 spent, which I can use for other holiday shopping.

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Dwight Groves said...

Excellence in action. Very cool.

Hope you and yours have a wonderful Holiday Season,