Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cooking Baby Steps - Part II

I have started researching the best (but not super expensive) cooking tools and I found this helpful list from Consumer Reports.

I actually already have one of the tools on the list. The KitchanAid mixer.  KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer KSM150PS - Contour Silver - KitchenAid (Google Affiliate Ad)  And, while I don't use the mixer on a daily or even monthly basis, it does work very well.

My plan is to take this list and compare it against what I've already got and work on improving our stock of kitchen tools.  At present, our biggest issue is cookware and knives, although I could also use some better baking sheets.


Honey Smith said...

My favorite cooking implements: immersion blender, cuisinart, a really good chef's knife, crockpot. I also really like our rice cooker and our panini press, but my understanding is that most people don't use those very often once they get them, and they DO take up a lot of space.

LeRainDrop said...

Thank you for the links! I have been wanting a crock pot for more than a year now -- I'm quite sure that's long enough to wait to know that I really, really want it, haha! Seriously, though, I am trying to figure out how to work in more varied meals with minimal effort, and this should be just the tool to help.