Monday, October 8, 2012

Charitable Giving

A while back, I posted on charitable giving - who gives the most and to what organizations along with information regarding our own giving.  Today we had our appointment with our accountant to prepare our 2011 taxes, we filed for an extension  so we are rapidly running out of time to get our taxes done and in by October 15th.   **As an aside and to help me stay honest, I'm declaring here that I'm determined not to file for an extension on our 2012 taxes.

In my earlier post I under-estimated how much we are giving, in 2011 we gave $1,800+.  More interesting to me, is that from 2010 to 2011 we doubled our charitable giving since in 2010 we gave $900+.  I am only counting cash contributions, not our in-kind contributions (i.e. clothes to Goodwill) or our contributions of time (which are also significant).

While 2012 is really almost over, I hope that we exceeded (or will exceed) our 2011 giving.  Since I gathered up our 2012 tax documents as I was gathering and organizing our 2011 documents, I plan to add up our year to date giving for 2012 and see where we are at.  As I previously posted, I would like to increase our charitable giving each year since my individual charitable giving decreased after we got married and we got super serious about killing debt and increasing our savings.

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