Tuesday, August 7, 2012

eBay Errors

So, like many brides, when Mr. Sam and I got married, we registered for fine china.  I registered for a brand and pattern of china that has been around for 100+ years.  But, like many brides, I didn't end up receiving a full set of china, since the fine china I registered for was and is expensive (think $150 for a dinner plate).

Now, five years later I have discovered that since my china has been around for so long, I can find it on eBay for prices that are much more favorable.  So, what do I do, I get excited and start bidding on my china.  Three soup bowls for $30, that sounds like a bargain, bid away.  $10 for an egg cup, deal!

Guess what, I am not an eBay expert and I've realized that I've skipped over a very important part of eBay bidding process . . . and that is actually reading the item description.  Because, as you may have guessed, I now have three soup bowls, but all three have chips on the rim.  And my egg cup has a crack.  Luckily, I've only spent $40 on this experiment.  But, its certainly a wasted $40 because really, I can't do much with chipped and cracked fine china.  

So, what have I learned.  I need to make sure I click through and actually read the description, because based on my two purchases, both sellers fully disclosed that the items I was purchasing had flaws.  But, since I had bid before I read, that information wasn't particularly helpful.  Additionally, a very low price likely indicates a flaw.  How did I win the auction for three soup bowls at $30, no one else wanted them because of the rim chips.  

At present, I am watching six dinner plates (no flaws) and the auction price is up to $305.  I don't expect to bid on the plates since it outside my budget but six perfect plates would be a deal since at retail cost they would run $900.

How about you, have you had success on eBay?   


Anonymous said...

don't forget to check the sellers feedback for any signs of past trouble. My wife has used eBay to add to her crystal, it's a pattern that has been retired but she can find good prices from time to time on items she wants to add

Sam said...

Thanks Anon, I'm starting to learn the system. I appreciate the additional advice.