Monday, July 16, 2012

Refinance Part 6

I am physically sore today after all the work this past weekend.  And, I only worked a day and a half, Mr. Sam worked two and a half days.  We made good progress, below is our list and the status of same.  Appraisal is scheduled for Wednesday morning, so we have a little bit of time to finish up.  Overall, we spent close to a $1000 this weekend.  But, even if the appraisal is a bust, the projects and effort expended was well worth it and generally necessary.  For example, we normally replace the mulch every two years, but the last time we redid the mulch was 2010 so we were, frankly, due to undertake this project anyways.

1) Remove old mulch in back and front yards and replace with new mulch (we've had this mulch in for a year plus so its started to break down and turn into dirt).  Mostly done, all the old mulch is gone (given to an organic gardener), I would say 60% of the new mulch is down.
2)  Power wash all walks.  Done.
3)  Weed and trim up any plants as necessary (we did a big trimming project a few weeks ago, so we are ahead of the game on this one).  Done.
4)  Get rid of any mold on the house and carriage house (we are in Florida, after a while mold starts to grow on the sides of the home that don't get a whole lot of sunshine).  Done.
5)  Paint touch up as needed.  Done.
6)  Wash windows.  Not done, and more than likely off the list.  
7)  Fix a couple of sprinklers.  Not done, but still on the list to get done.  
8)  Fix fence in back yard and back yard gate.  Fence is fixed.  Mr. Sam decided to replace the old gate which was beat up from the elements and hurricanes.  He has started building the gate (from a kit), but needs to finish.   

1)  Clean and organize garage.  Done.

1)  Make sure everything is put away, including in the office (our dumping ground) so I'll need to catch up on filing which will take a few hours at least.  I put away all the clean laundry (also did three or four loads of laundry, so laundry room is not overflowing with dirty laundry) and tidied up elsewhere.  I did at least a couple of hours of filing, but there are still baskets of "to be filed" in the office.  However, the office looks a lot better, desk is clean and tidy.
2)  Super clean the house, vac, mop, dust (including things like art and photos, every ceiling fan, A/C vents, light fixtures, plantation shutters, etc.), scrub kitchen (wash windows on kitchen cabinets) and baths, wash base-boards, get rid of scuff marks on walls and base boards.  We don't have a cleaning service, as much as I'd like one, and with our works hours our house is generally tidy, but not super clean most of the time.  I spent from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. yesterday working on the deep clean.  As I mentioned, I am physically sore.  I scrubbed baseboards, I cleaned ceiling fans, I dusted art and photos, I dusted furniture, I vacuumed soft furniture, I scrubbed the bathrooms, the tub, the floor, the walls, cleaned toilets, I washed the kitchen cabinets, etc.  We still need to do a final vacuuming and mopping which we will do Tuesday night.
3)  Complete headboard project for guest room.  Not done, and not sure its going to get done before appraisal.  But, headboard is in the garage so it is not a noticeable issue.  
4)  Replace any light bulbs.  Done.
5)  Trip to Goodwill to get rid of donation stuff sitting in master bedroom.  Still need to make this trip, plan to load up dry-cleaning and Goodwill donations for delivery tomorrow or even Wednesday after the appraisal.  Point being that this stuff will be in the trunk of my car, not sitting out.    
6)  Tidy up closets.  Done.
7)  Fix light fixture in mater bedroom sitting area.  Done.

Additional Projects:
1)  Mr. Sam completed a ceiling repair project in the living room.  Our house is a 1920s home and the plaster had separated from the lath.  Of course it ended up being a big project, moving furniture, mudding, texturizing, and will be painted today.
2)  Mr. Sam re-stained the kitchen kick-boards.


Karen said...

But what jobs did Snarfle do?

I don't think he's doing his fair share at all!!

Sam said...

That old dog, Karen all he does is produce copious amounts of yellow dog fur.

Karen said...

I guess yellow dog fur is better than just producing wind...

Julli Holm said...

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