Friday, July 13, 2012

Refinance Part 4

We were supposed to go away this weekend, but instead we'll be spending the next three days on shining up our home to put it in the best condition possible for appraisal (which we assume will be next week).  Mr. Sam is working from home today and he already has his crew working on the outside projects.

This is our list of projects:

1) Remove old mulch in back and front yards and replace with new mulch (we've had this mulch in for a year plus so its started to break down and turn into dirt).
2)  Power wash all walks.
3)  Weed and trim up any plants as necessary (we did a big trimming project a few weeks ago, so we are ahead of the game on this one).
4)  Get rid of any mold on the house and carriage house (we are in Florida, after a while mold starts to grow on the sides of the home that don't get a whole lot of sunshine).
5)  Paint touch up as needed.
6)  Wash windows.
7)  Fix a couple of sprinklers.
8)  Fix fence in back yard and back yard gate.

1)  Clean and organize garage.

1)  Make sure everything is put away, including in the office (our dumping ground) so I'll need to catch up on filing which will take a few hours at least.
2)  Super clean the house, vac, mop, dust (including things like art and photos, every ceiling fan, A/C vents, light fixtures, plantation shutters, etc.), scrub kitchen (wash windows on kitchen cabinets) and baths, wash base-boards, get rid of scuff marks on walls and base boards.  We don't have a cleaning service, as much as I'd like one, and with our works hours our house is generally tidy, but not super clean most of the time.
3)  Complete headboard project for guest room.
4)  Replace any light bulbs.
5)  Trip to Goodwill to get rid of donation stuff sitting in master bedroom.
6)  Tidy up closets.
7)  Fix light fixture in mater bedroom sitting area.


Dwight Groves said...

Sounds like y'all have a huge weekend ahead of yall and I hope that all the projects go well. I am willing to believe that extra value is always in the details.

On the flip side, I am not a licensed appraiser (so, you are getting my opinion) but, I would tend believe that appraisals are based on area market comps and that cosmetics pay a smaller role . . .

Link #1:

Link #2:

To a satisfactory appraisal,

Sam said...

Dwight, you are absolutely correct. The appraisal is driven primarily by comps (which we can't control). Although, I've spoke to the appraiser already and made sure that he is aware of a recent helpful sale in our neighborhood. The home is similar size and its just two blocks away and it sold for $400,000 in June.

Cosmetics and appearance do factor into an appraisal but they don't do much for the number, except to the extent that they positively influence the appraiser by presenting a shiny, clean, well appointed home. Since we can control how our home appears, we'll do the best we can to shine it up and hope that helps.

Dwight Groves said...

Shine on and may your appraisal end up where it needs to be. I am looking forward to reading how it turns out.

Keep making great things happen,