Wednesday, February 16, 2011

March is Real Estate Month

We have two turn-overs coming in the next few weeks.

First, one of our relatives has been trying on the snow-bird hat by using our smallest (and least expensive) investment property as a short term seasonal rental. Except, he doesn't really pay the rent and we don't ask him to. He did pay us about $1000 for three months of use, while we would normally get at least $2200 in rent for the home (plus we paid the utilities). This is our easiest rental, so Mr. Sam will do some painting (which we did not do when the former tenant moved out) and we'll get it back on the market before March.

Second, our tenants in one of our other rentals are leaving. So, Mr. Sam will be working to get that rental ready, probably will not have it on the market early enough to have it rented for March so we will lose a month of rent.

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