Friday, October 1, 2010

Stock Gamble Update

Well, it has been a month since Mr. Sam undertook his first non-tax advantaged (i.e. 401K, IRA) stock purchase (or gamble as some of you have called it). At present, if we sold today we would realize a net profit of @ $400 or a return of 8% in one month.

Obviously, we are not going to sell after one month so like any investment the profit is illusory until you sell it.

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Rene' said...

I'm so excited, and I have to tell someone. Since u are a 'financial' blog that I follow, u are the lucky someone lol... I am about to make a goodsized principal pmt to our mortgage and get it down to only owing less than $20K. I am so happy, hopefully that means by the end of the year we can have it all paid off and be completely debt free! woohoo! I've been car-pmt free for over 5 years now, but I am looking forward to seeing how it feels to be mortgage free as well. can't wait!