Thursday, October 21, 2010

Debit vs. Credit

I am not a fan of credit cards, but while I don't use them on a regular basis I do recognize that there are times when it makes sense to use credit over debit. This CNNMoney article provides some decent guidance as to when to use debit and when to use credit.

(1) Planning to make a major purchase. I generally agree, any purchase over $1000 or electronics/appliances purchases we use our credit card. However, I don't make the purchase until I have the full purchase price saved up and thereafter I generally pay the bill before it is due.

(2) Travel or gas. I generally agree, we use our credit card for booking hotels, rental cars, flights, etc. Often time we will use our debit card upon check out, when the final price is known and agreed to, but I have run into the problem of holds by hotels in the past. I've not had any problems with gas stations though.

I can't really get behind the other two stated reasons to use credit (1) rewards and (2) you don't montior your checking account close enough.

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