Friday, April 23, 2010

Response to Comments

I would love to know the details of your audit. Do you do your own taxes? Did you have professional representation at the audit? Did your accountant handle the audit? Just wondering...

I plan to write a full recap of the audit process, what we learned, what we will do different when we finally close out this chapter. However since the audit has not yet been closed I'm holding off.

But I can answer the three questions raised in the above comment:
(1) No we do not prepare our own taxes.
(2) Yes we had our accountant represent us at the audit.
(3) We prepared for the audit with direction from our accountant and signed a power of attorney so he represented us at the audit. We also attended.

As I've posted before, we were audited for two reasons. The first reason I was able to resolve with the IRS by just sending them some additional paperwork. The second reason required an in-person examination and resulted in payment of back taxes. The second issue was caused by our accountant in that he made a mistake thinking that we were eligible for an exemption when we were not.

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SteveD said...

If it was your accountant's mistake, did s/he take any part in paying for it? Either paying part of the penalty or at least waiving her/his fees for the audit?