Monday, April 12, 2010

Fidelity Research Tool

My local Fidelity representative called me recently regarding the status of an old 401K. He calls once in a while to inquire as to whether I want to roll it over to an IRA (I don't at this time) and instead of just hanging up after that inquiry, he asked how else he could help us. I responded, "help us make more money."

So we chatted about what we were doing and he pointed us to some interesting research tools that I was not aware of. If you have an account with Fidelity, there are expert strategies that are regularly updated (find them under research and then under stocks). So if you are a bargain hunter, like I am, there is a "Bottom Fishing" expert strategy which lists the best rated stock bargains along with the back up research. The is a "Running with the Bulls," "Bears in the Woods" and several other less colorfully named strategies. Anyways, it looks like a great research resource and I expect we will be trying out some of the research strategies in our IRAs (where we do our individual stock investing).

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