Thursday, April 14, 2016

I Keep Trying to Get Back on Track.......

I've been spinning my wheels now for more than a year.

With the time pressures of a more than full time job, baby, husband, landlording, life, etc. my ability to manage our finances has been backsliding.

I'm not paying bills on time, rent is not being collected (that is Mr. Sam's duty), our savings rate has gone down.  I haven't even started to create our 2016 spending plan (our form of a budget), although I've put down on paper what I'd like to accomplish for savings.  Mr. Sam has not created our 2016 savings Excel chart.

I know the reason for all of this:  full time job, baby, husband, life, etc.  I've yet to figure out a solution.

I used to spend 20-30 minutes 2-3 times a week working on finances or reading about finances (money blogs help me stay on track) when I arrived at the office.  But, I used to arrive at the office @ 7:30 am.  Now, on average, I'm arriving at @ 8:45 am.

The solution is to get up earlier so I can get to work earlier.  Today, I arrived at @ 8.20 and spent an hour or so on finances and made good progress.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you could look for some things that can be automated. It's tough when the kids are babies because the only downtime you get is on the weekends during their naps. It gets better!

You may want to take a vacation day for organization while the baby's being watched, or a sick day that's more for 'mental health'.