Friday, January 8, 2016

Updated 2016 Savings/Financial Goals

Still working on our goal planning, some changes since I last posted.

Definite goals:
(1) Max out 401k for each of us, the limits have not changes for 2016 so that is $18,000 for each of us for a total of $36,000. Automatic payroll debits are in place, I will just need to check them in January
(2) Finish funding our 2015 IRAs - $8900, The 2015 IRAs must be funded by 4/15/16. As such, we will have some heavy upfront savings of about $1110 per pay period between 1/1/16 and 4/15/16.
(3) Fund 2016 IRAs $11,000 for the both of us, this number also is unchanged from 2015.
(4) Baby Sam'college fund, add another $5000 this year.

Tentative goals:
(5) Add to emergency fund, reducing this annual goal to $5000 (this year we saved $10,000)

The above savings goals total $65,900.  The highest savings number we have ever hit with our savings efforts is @$64,000 (back in 2013). So, this would be a stretch for us, especially with our child care expenses for Baby Sam.

I've deleted the nused car savings goal, because I went ahead and bought a nused car in December.  More on that in a later post.

Debt killing goals:
(1) Pay off lingering credit card debt in the amount of $4261 (this was at $6500 in my last post, we've made progress).
(2) Pay off Mr. Sam's new car, remaining debt $2000.

Above debt totals at $6261.

Also, I'd like to reduce our total debt to under $450,000 total.  At present our debt total is at $491,863 (this number went up due to the nused car) which would require killing the above credit and car debt and also killing another almost $35,602 in debt. I think that is this is may be a reachable goal since we paid off @$34,000 in debt this year.

Additional financial goals:
Roll over old 401k to my current employer 401k.  This has been a previous goal, and guess what it is still an item on my to do list.

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Clayton said...

Good for you. It looks like you have things under control and are making smart financial decisions. I did not grow up knowing a lot about finances, and was quite frankly, horrible with my money. I am learning now from years of bad financial decisions, and want to save for the future. I am currently saving for a house and am really excited.