Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy St. Valentine's Day - Part I

Happy St. Valentine's Day to you!

What are you doing to celebrate heart day?  Are you sending flowers, going out to dinner, buying gifts for your spouse, your children or your dog?  Do you boycott Valentine's Day as nothing more than a Hallmark holiday?

The Atlantic has a great series of charts showing how much is being spent for today and on who.  Not surprising to this dog owner, a lot of people buy gifts for their pooches.

Besides a few heart shaped dog treats for Snarfle I "spent" the following for Valentine's Day.  First, one of the organizations that I support has run a Valentine's Day fundraising event for the last few years.  Donate $20 and they'll send a Valentine's Day card to someone in your honor.  I did three of those cards, so that was a total of $60.

Then I sent my nephew, niece, god-daughter and her sister Valentine's Day cards which enclosed checks.  $50 each for my nephew and niece, and $30 each for my god-daughter and her sister, so that is a total of $160.  Then I send a few regular cards out to a few folks, so I'll say $5 in additional cards and postage.  That gives me a grand total of $225.

You'll probably notice that Mr. Sam is not on this list . . .    Like Christmas, we don't gift to each other on Valentine's Day either.

How about you, how much did you spend on St. Valentine's Day?  

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