Thursday, November 17, 2011

Frictionless = Less Pain at the Cash Register?

An interesting article regarding the effect of credit card spending, this study indicates that using a credit card changes our perception regarding the value of the goods we are purchasing.

While I'm waiting for studies as to the debit card effect, I thought the discussion of other payment systems, i.e. Google Wallet and smart phone apps, intriguing.  I have one click purchasing set up through for my Kindle and it is, indeed, very easy and painless for me to buy e-books.  My book buying expenses went way, way up when I got my Kindle. 


The Glenns said...

I'm not sure if you are on fb, but I'm pretty sure they have an actual website also. But, the easiest, cheapest (free) books are on ereader news today. They are on my fb feed and they put up free books daily (probably at least five a day) and also bargain books, but with the budgeting we are doing I'm trying not to spend on books. It is SO easy with one click shopping to get the free books on the kindle from our iPod!

Rushia Rams said...

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