Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni Madness

So, I'll admit it, I got sucked into the Missoni for Target craze which crashed Target's servers yesterday. I wanted a certain Missoni throw (the brown with blue) which is already, of course on Ebay for much more than it cost at Target.

Anyways, I spent many minutes, at work, yesterday trying to get through to Target and when I did, I found that the item I wanted was sold out, but since I had gotten sucked into the hype I opted for a Duvet set, that I didn't even really like, thinking I needed to have some of this Target Missoni.

Luckily, reason set in and I reconsidered my purchase and recognized that I was just buying to buy and I opted to exit Target without purchasing anything.


Frugal Coconut said...

I have a bad habit of wanting to buy ALL of something if there is a really good sale and I would normally use it. For example, if milk is on sale and there are four cartons left, I must convince myself that I should only buy three because the last one could expire before I would have a chance to use it which would make the whole venture counterproductive. Also if I kinda want something and it feels like it might be a hassle to find again later, I have a harder time walking away.

Anna said...

Those Target collaborations are awful. I've been sucked into them many times. The whole atmosphere around it does tricks to my brain. I usually ponder on purchases for at least a week before deciding if I need it or not, but in the past with Target, I've snapped up things on the spot that I never wore in the end. It's never worth it for me personally.