Thursday, August 11, 2011

ING Takeover by Capital One

I'm a bit slow to post on the sale of ING to Capital One and the outpouring of emotions on the interwebs about the end of happy savers at ING.

I'm a big fan of ING, have been a happy saver at ING since April 2003.  I give them high marks for ease of use, the ability to set up multiple sub accounts for different savings goals, ease of setting up recurring transfers in order to build savings, etc.

And in the past I've used ING for our CD ladders although I don't have any presently because the interest rate for CDs are so dismal (I can get the same return in the regular ING savings account).  And what was a high yield savings account is now down to 1% although still much higher than I can obtain at my local bank, Wells Fargo, or my local credit unions. 

So, high marks for function, form, ease of use, customer service, low marks for interest rate but still better than I'd get anywhere else.

Now, as for Capital One, I've got a credit card with them and can't say I've ever had any trouble with them although they do, generally, get low marks for customer service.  I don't use the credit card with any regularity so can't really offer an opinion.


Anonymous said...

I became an ING savings customer because of comments by you on this blog and a couple other bloggers. Setup a couple accounts for special purposes. Hope Capital One doesn't change the good thing ING has going.

Sam said...

I'm with you Anon, I hope ING doesn't change under Capital One.