Monday, May 2, 2011

The Expensive Side of Delay

Confession time, I recently got a speeding ticket.  At the same time I received the speeding ticket, I received a ticket for not having proof of insurance or registration with me. 

I challenged the speeding ticket.  I might save money by challenging the ticket since an attorney friend is handling it for me at no charge.  But, in challenging the speeding ticket I completely ignored (forgot) the insurance ticket.

I could have resolved the insurance ticket by presenting proof of insruance with 30 days at the DMV and paying $10.  Instead, I forgot I needed to do anything about the ticket and ended up missing the 30 day window which meant I had to pay the full amount of the ticket $116.  But, it gets worse.  I paid the $116 but ended up having a late fee of $23 which I didn't know about or pay so my license was administratively suspended.  So I paid the $23 late fee, but I still had to pay $60 to get my license reinstated.  And, I wasted an hour of my life at the court house and then another hour at the DMV.

$199 to the State of Florida vs. the $10 I should have paid.  Ugh!

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