Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Get Back on the Horse

Goodness, December is not the time to completely ignore one's finances. It is January 19th and I realize that I really paid no attention to our finances in December or the first half of January. As a result, I've spent three hours today working on getting one check book balanced and up to date. I've also worked on our monthly spending plan, taken care of property tax and some insurance issues, but I've got several hours left to go.

I know that I was busy in December, both with work and with holiday and family visits but I'm really mad at myself right now. I am normally on top of things, organized, bills paid on time, savings automated, etc. So, it is hard to pick up after 45 days and realize I've got a mess on my hands. And while it is easy to get discouraged, I know that I have to get back on the horse and get my rear in gear.

So, three hours today, at least an hour tomorrow and Friday and my regular duties should be caught up. Saturday/Sunday, we need to work on our annual spending plan and make some choices on our 2011 savings plan.

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