Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Retirement Monies

In January 2010 we had $318,424 in our retirement accounts, 401K/IRA. I just updated our profile and we have $421,849 (not including the small trading account). More than a $100,000 increase, mostly due to market returns.

But, looking backwards, we still have not recovered to the asset levels of mid 2008 (pre-crash). During the summer of 2008 we had $1.6 MM in assets, winter 2010 we have $1.5 MM in assets. Overall net worth is in the same range @$950,000. So, two years (of hard work) later, we are just about in the same spot.

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Anonymous said...

Our net worth mirrors your findings (from mid-2008 to end 2010)...!
-CorporateDrone in NY