Sunday, August 1, 2010

Unexpected Bargains

Yesterday, Mr. Sam and I were out and about taking care of some errands. In particular, we needed vacuum cleaner bags for our Kenmore vac. So we put together a Sears list, said vac bags, light bulbs, etc. and headed to our local Sears.

Mr. Sam is traveling for work this week and we have our summer vacation scheduled in a couple of weeks so he ended up poking around the men's clothing department. Well, Sears was having an end of the summer sale and there were tons of shorts, t-shirts, casual shirts on sale for 60% off. Mr. Sam ended up picking up a several pairs of heavy, good-quality cargo shorts for $10 each along with super-sale shirts as well. We went home, washed everything, cleaned out his closet and tossed a bunch of stuff that had paint (home improvement projects) and grease (antique car projects) stains. We also donated items that he no longer wears or don't fit properly anymore.

I never think of shopping for clothes at Sears, but I was so pleased with the results that I have encouraged Mr. Sam to go back today and pick out a few more pairs of shorts. We are in South Florida so shorts are a necessity.

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