Thursday, July 15, 2010

Two Down

Two down, four to go.

As of today, we have maxed out our IRAs for 2010. So, we have completed two of our six 2010 savings goals.

Our remaining goals, max out our 401k (51%), our baby savings (47%) and our mortgage prepayment (58%) are all on track to be completed by year end.

So lots of good news, the only goal that is lagging is our emergency fund. Our goal is to have $32,000 by year end and so far we have only accomplished 10% of that savings goal. Accordingly, this will be the next goal I will focus on since the other three are on track, via automatic payroll or automatic savings to be completed by the end of the year.

How are you doing with your 2010 goals?


Anonymous said...

Good job on the two goals! I should start using the strategy myself. Its hard to save when we have two kids and a big mortage to pay down. But a little is better than nothing I guess.

DreamChaser57 said...

Impressive progress. I'm new to your blog, discovered through your commentary on GRS. Do you mind sharing your household income? I want to get a sense, comparatively speaking, of how we're shaping up with our savings goals. Yours seem incredibly ambitious. Perhaps, I need to reassess ours.