Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More Good News!

More good news. I am receiving a 14% increase in my compensation which should be reflected in my March 31 pay check.

Half of that increase is compensation that was cut back in July (everyone in my company took a pay cut). I got back some of that compensation in January 2010 and at the end of March will receive the rest (of course, I lost 6 months of receiving that money, but I'm happy to have it back 9 months later).

The other half of that increase is pay increase that should have kicked in as of January (i.e. step increase).

The last little bit of good news, is that the company is re-instituting the bonus plan, so there is a bonus opportunity at the end of 2010 (there were no bonuses in 2009). Although, I'm not going to hold my breath that anyone, including me, will actually receive bonuses.

Expect that any and all extra compensation will go towards our 2010 savings goals.

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