Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1st Numbers

(1) Max out 401ks - $33,000
(2) Max out 2009 IRAs - $10,000
(3) House project and furniture - $6,000
(4) Add to baby fund - $5,000
(5) Add to emergency fund - $10,000
Total - $64,000

(1) $28,970 (88%) (I've maxed out my 401k, Mr. Sam is still working on his.)
(2) $10,000 (100%)
(3) $1,218 (20%)
(4) $1,308 (22%) ($6,308 in our ING baby account)
(5) $2,227 (22%) ($24,092 in our ING e/r account)
Total - $43,826 (68%)

Coming down the home stretch for 2009 and it seems highly unlikely that we will complete our 2009 goals in full. With a 10% salary cut for me, expenses related to our REFI,* expenses related to the car accident (insurance companies are still fighting), and spotty real estate rentals this year we just have not done as well as we would have liked.

But, the upside during this recession, is that we both are still gainfully employed and making good money, we currently have all properties rented out and we have avoided taking on debt (except for that @$720 in 0% Home Depot debt for our real estate business).

The other upside is that our non real estate investments are doing very well, buying stocks in January, Feburary and March of this year has paid off, we have about 5 stocks that we bought early this year that are up over 100%.

*REFI cost us money but we paid down our mortgage by a few thousand dollars, we cut a year off our mortgage term and we got a great rate.

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