Monday, November 2, 2009

NetWorth Numbers

While I try not to get too tied up in our NetWorth IQ numbers, I love, love, love the data. I find it super exciting to look back three years or five years or more and see where we or I (combined our numbers in January 2007) were.

My big net worth jumps show up when (1) I/we buy real estate and (2) when we got married and combined forces. See August 2003 and December 2005 for real estate spikes and January 2007 for marriage spike. Between January 2003 and August 2003 I basically doubled my net worth by saving up and buying my first real estate investment property. I paid $180,000 for the property in 2003 and it is now valued at $392,000.

Otherwise most of our progress is slow and steady. In January 2007 we had $735,054 in liabilities, at the start of our Total Money Makeover baby steps, just after marriage and combination of finances, and now we have $637,504 in liabilities. In almost three years we have reduced our liabilities by $97,550. Similarly, on the asset side, we have increased our assets by $110,637 between January 2007 and now.

In six years my individual net worth has grown from $50,000 to $1 Million combined net worth with my husband.

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