Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To Vacation or Not To Vacation

To go on vacation or not go on vacation, that is the question.

We both work very hard. We both regularly clock 60-70 hours in the office per week and we also spend time working on and managing our rental investments each week or month. The fact is that we need time away from work and projects (at our home or the rentals) which means that we need to get away from Florida. A staycation does not really allow us to recharge as we will keep working on home repair or other projects.

So, we have plans to take an out of state vacation this month but now the debate is whether we ought to move forward with vacation because (1) I just took a 10% pay cut (2) we have one rental empty that we plan to list this week and would probably need to be showing over the next few weeks (3) we likely will have another empty rental next month (4) we have been spending money on upgrades and repairs and rental #1 and we probably should not be spending money to travel. I have already blocked the week at work and it will be hard, but not impossible, to change my vacation plans to a later time. Mr. Sam has also already had the week approved.

What to do? What would you do?


Moneymonk said...

60-70 per week, I take you have no kiddos.

yes, you both ned a vacay

frugalcoconut said...

Would it be possible for you to drive together to Key West which is less expensive this time of year AND still too far away for you to even think of driving back up to do any repairs etc.?

Sam said...

Moneymonk - no we have no kiddos (yet).

FG - We could consider Key West but we were actually down there in June with out of town family so not sure we want to head back so soon. But I like your suggestion, get away from home but not quite out of the state.