Tuesday, February 3, 2009

REFI appraisal

We had the property inspection part of the appraisal completed yesterday. This is probably the 5th appraisal I have been present for and it was certainly the most in depth (likely a result of the down mortgage market). The appraiser measured and photographed each room in our home and our carriage house (we have two structures that make up our primary home). She also inspected each and every closet.

We are in a tough valuation area because (1) our house is historic and unique and therefore hard to compare to other properties (2) our neighborhood is made up of other historic and unique properties so its hard to find recent sales of similar homes to use as comps (3) South Florida is full of short sales and foreclosures which push the values down even if the appraiser can't use those sales in her valuation.

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