Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Check out this handy tool.

You can plug in your rental unit address, current monthly rent, number of bedrooms and units in building (i.e. apartment building, single family home, duplex) and this web site lets the average slum lord (kidding) know whether they are charging an average, low or high amount in rent. Even better, the web site maps other rental properties with a + or - sign so you can see where your rental unit falls on the neighborhood rent scale. So while many rental units in our small city are asking a higher rent than we are, rental units in the immediate neighborhood are asking a bit less ($995 and $1200).

This is the feedback Rent-O-Meter gave us on our crack shack. Its a good deal because of the neighborhood ameneties such as prostitutes and drug dealers (sigh).

Your rent of $1,250/month for a 3 bed unit at [address] FL is lower than the median rent in your area. Your unit seems to be a good deal!

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